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Who Should Take This Program?

People who want to differentiate themselves in the tax accounting industry with deep and broad tax knowledge, include a tax planning lens to the financial trigger questions all Canadians have throughout various life events, and offer the research skills needed to properly represent clients to CRA. These income tax courses offer a professional solution to pain points that every demographic, including employers, may experience.

With a more aggressive approach at CRA and very poor tax literacy levels, the tax courses and credentials acquired through this program will open doors to employment.  But for independent business owners, offering income tax services as a specialist also provides a great new revenue stream.  The work is very rewarding:  empower your clients to access lucrative tax preferences they may be missing out on to change their financial lives for the better.

Competencies and Proficiency:

The DFA-Tax Services Specialist provides thorough training through comprehensive income courses that cover all aspects of personal income tax filing and planning from basic to complex scenarios.  Starting with courses that focus on basic filing rules for individuals, couples, families, investors, and seniors.  Advance your skills for rental property owners, commission salespeople, investors, the sick and disabled. 

Then take on more complex profiles:  proprietors, and the preparation of final T1 and T3 tax returns.   You will be equipped with knowledge, skills and sophisticated calculators to advise on tax planning matters required at various life and financial events, thereby providing tax planning as well as tax filing services in a fully consultative practice.

Peer-to-Peer Learning:

An important option is attendance at the CE Summits, a one-day instructor-led workshop held in November, January and May.  It is of particular benefit to students who seek in-person, peer-to-peer learning.

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Courses above may be substituted by one or more courses listed below. 6 completed courses are required to earn a designation.

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What Graduates Say

The DFA - Tax Services Specialist stream of courses teach not only the practical application of tax legislation and interpretation, but also what is probably the most advantageous skill set: How to Think. The courses give you the information required, but not on a platter. You need to develop the ability to think in order to apply the lessons learned in a practical manner. Alan Rowell, President The Accounting Place