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Who Should Take This Program?

Especially in light of family business tax changes; and new technology advancements at CRA, a financial intermediary who can integrate advice on all aspects of a financial transaction – from banking to tax reporting - will be well positioned to help both new market entrants and older clients with tax problems. These bookkeeping courses help deliver high value advice that crosses all demographics.

Competencies and Proficiency:

The DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist possesses the knowledge and skills to assist the family/small business owner with accurate data processing based on accounting principles and tax compliance throughout the evolving lifecycle of a business. With a focus on payroll and bookkeeping courses, the program places a heavy emphasis on tax planning for payroll, owner-manager compensation, GST/HST, managerial accounting, budgeting, cash flow and debt management and a strategic focus on analyzing the numbers for growth and eventual high-value transition.

Peer-to-Peer Learning:

An important option is attendance at the CE Summits, a one-day instructor-led workshop held in November, January and May.  It is of particular benefit to students who seek in-person, peer-to-peer learning.

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Courses above may be substituted by one or more courses listed below. 6 completed courses are required to earn a designation.

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What Graduates Say

I liked how I could do the entire course at my own pace, and from the comforts of my own home. It made the experience stress-free and less daunting! Support was quick with responses and very helpful when I had questions or concerns.  I feel fully prepared to move on to more intensive bookkeeping studies, and I also believe I could successfully work on a small company's books. Rebecca Ringwood Markham, ON
The knowledge I have gained from the courses in the DFA - Bookkeeping Services Specialist Program has made it possible to give my clients service far above that of a regular bookkeeper. The step up to managerial concepts and advising capabilities has made me more valuable to my clients and allowed my business to grow through referrals. As an instructor for accounting and office technologies at a local community college, the knowledge I have gained has greatly enhanced my teaching and allows me to delve deeper into topics brought up by students. Overall, receiving this designation has allowed me to provide much better service to my clients, and in turn, my clients receive the advice and information they need to make informed business decisions. Mary Madsen, Madsen Business Services