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Is Tax on Capital Gains Fair? It Depends

By: Walter Harder Posted in: Strategic Thinking
The current scheme of reporting capital gains, by including 50% of taxable gains in income, may be increased to 75% depending on the results of the next election. Does it make sense for the economy and its Canadian investors to do so? Not in the absence of inflation adjusting. Here’s how the math works.

Both Tax Filings and Tax Refunds are Lower in 2019

By : Beth Graddon Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Individual income tax filing statistics for the 2018 tax year to July 2 show that more than 28.5 million Canadians have filed this season. That’s down from the nearly 30 million last year. So are average tax refunds, which now sit at $1,706 compared to $1,765. It’s an important opportunity for tax specialists to review prior filed returns and find out why, while also discussing several new tax changes occurring in 2019.

CRA Service Consultations: Canadians Really Want Three Things

By : Christine Steendam Posted in: Strategic Thinking
The CRA launched their “Serving Canadians Better” consultation on April 23, 2019, closing it to commentary on June 18, 2019, in the height of tax season. It wasn’t the best time to hear from tax filing pros, but the feedback proved interesting, nonetheless. Turns out Canadians really want three big improvements from their tax department.

CE Speaker Spotlight: Larry Frostiak Shares Building Blocks for Successful Transition into Retirement

Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Should corporate owner-managers be removing corporate assets before year-end in defense of the passive investment income rules? How has retirement income planning changed based on new tax laws? Those are just some of the questions you’ll learn answers to at the November CE Summits, featuring special guest tax expert, Larry Frostiak.

Wealth Management: Winning with Capital Gains

By: Evelyn Jacks Posted in: Strategic Thinking
Investing in assets that have the potential to accrue in value can come with both risks and rewards. From a tax point of view, a capital gain on those assets has two distinct advantages: there is no taxation on accrued values until disposition (actual or deemed), and only one half of the gains are added to taxable income. Here’s why it’s important to fully understand the advantages:

New from Knowledge Bureau: Our Comprehensive 2019 Course Catalogue

Posted in: Strategic Thinking
It’s hot off the press and available online! Back by popular demand is Knowledge Bureau’s All Course Catalogue to provide you with everything you need to know about our education programs all in one convenient place, with all the details you need to make the right educational decision for your professional development and team training.